-Rental of equipment may require proof of production insurance. 

-Payment is due day of pickup.

-rate based on 24 hour period.

-Need more than a few items?  We can also do a flat fee for access to all equipment during your 1212 studio production. Ask about Flat fee rental.


2 Kino Diva light kit 2- KinoFlo Diva 400 LED light 5600k kit w “C” stands/arms and diapers. Travel case

$100. per day

• 2 fresnel Tunsten 3200k light kit 1K fresnel spot 3200k and 2k spot 3200k includes "C" stands/arms/barndoors

$100. per day

10 LED light kit

2 Kino 4 banks with diffusion ( LED quasar 5000k)

4 GVM 12’ LED panels (3000-5000k)

4 Feliix spot lights LED (3000-5000k)

8 light stands w/sandbags $300.00 per day

2 KINO 4' bank light kit 2- 4' BANK KinoFlo lights with 6 Quasar Science T8 5000k tubes each . includes 2 "C" stands and diapers.

$200. per day

• 4 light kit Fiilex K411PP 4-Light Travel Kit. Includes Two P360 Pro Plus and Two P180E LED Lights and 3 folding stands

  • Variable Color Temperature: 2800-6500K
  • CRI/TLCI 93/96 at 5600K

$150. per day

Intellytech Light Cannon Pro Bi Color with softbox and rolling stand.

$100. per day

•Intellytech F-165 Light Cannon Bi-Color with softbox and stand

$85. per day

10 LED Quasar 5000k 4' tube kit

$200 per day

4 NanLite PavoTube 30C 4 Ft RGBWW LED Tube  kit

$200 per day

20x20'  or 12x12' silk for Studio A gridinstall and rental

$300. per install


Photo Strob Package: 5 Alien Bee 1600 heads, 5 light stands, Med and Large Softboxes, Strip light box, Beauty Dish, 6’ inch reflectors , Gel pack. Includes:

Alien Bee Beauty Dish, umbrellas, 2 med size and 4 large softboxes

$300 per day


• Sennheiser Lavalier Microphone

$75 per day

• Sennheiser MKH 416 P48 shock gun microphone with carbon fiber boom arm, C stand. XLR cable

$150. per day


• NIKON D800 36 megapixel body includes LENSES 50mm 1.4 _105mm 2.8_24mm 2.8

$200. per day


SONY PXW-FS7 with Sony 28-135mm F4 Cine lens. Includes cards and batteries

$350. per day

$700. per week

SONY EX-3 video Camera w cards/batteries/tripod,head.

$150 per day

$350. per 5 day


• MILLER Camera stand with DS-10 75mm bowl floating head.

$100 per day

MILLER Camera Stand with CX6 75mm bowl floating head

$125 per day

• Sachtler Camera Stand DV 2 II floating head 75mm bowl

$100 per day

• DANA DOLLY and 12-20’ speed rail with short C stands.

$200 per day


• HD Monitor LILLIPUT BM280-4K 28" Big Broadcast Field Monitor, 1000:1 Contrast Ratio,38402160 Ultra-HD Resolution

$75 per day


STANDS, BOOMS,JIBS, CRANE and C STANDS with arms, flags

•SMALL GRIP package: 4 C-Stands w/arms, Apple box kit, 4 sandbags, 4 25' extension cords,

$100 per day

LARGE GRIP package: 8 C-Stands w/arms,  AppleBox kit, 2 Junior rollers, 1 Garment racks, 1 fan, 1 8' ladder,4 25' extension cords, 5 sandbags, FLAG kit

$200 per day

• iFootage Mini Crane M1iii $75 per day includes stand and weights

• Bogen Super Booms (2 in stock)$25 each per day

• Standard C Stands (8 in stock) $5 each per a day

• Short C stands with arms (2 in stock) $5 each per day

• High Roller Stands 14' (2 in stock) with 4.5" Junior Grip Heads includes sandbags

$100 per day

• Junior Roller Stands 9' (2 in stock) with 4.5" Junior Grip Heads includes sandbags

$75 per day

• Mafer Clamps set of 10 (20 in stock) $25. per day

• Flag Kit set of 8 misc sizes $20 per day
• Apple Box set (4 total)$20 per day
• Sandbags set of 10 $20 per day
• Portable Clothing Rack $20 per day
• Clothing Steamer $25. each per day
• 20‘x20’ silk and frame (call for price)
• 12'x12’ silk (call for price)

Canvases, seamless and green screen options available upon request.

• TABLES 6' folding $5 each per day

• CHAIRS metal folding $5 each per day

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